See the Most Controversial Depictions of Jesus in Art

Although one can't really be blamed for thinking that Christmas…
07.01.2015/by admin

The flip side of pop art

After Warhol, pop art underwent a controversial revival in Russia…
22.11.2014/by admin

Sots Art: Kosolapov, Komar and Melamid, and Bulatov

While Kabakov rejected official art to create non-art, sots artists,…
07.11.2013/by admin

A Clash of Cultures in Alexander Kosolapov’s Art

Soviet-era artist Alexander Kosolapov shot to popularity after…
28.10.2013/by admin

Beyond democracy | За демократию

[…]Let us now take a look at Alexander Kosolapov’s »Coca-Cola.…
09.09.2012/by admin

Art and Morality under Neoliberalism: Reflections on “Blasphemous” Art from the East—A Tale in Three Parts

[…] Part II: Russia and the Icon If the new Poland has since…
16.07.2012/by admin

Censorship: What Is It?

[…] The Andrei Sakharov Museum in Moscow had a show titled…
16.07.2012/by admin

Prophets and Profits through the Prism of Art

[…] Russian-born American artist Alexander Kosolapov defended…
16.07.2012/by admin

The artist in the age of commodity fetishism | Художник в эпоху товарного фетишизма

The history of art hasn't seen that many artists whose work…
20.06.2012/by admin

Kosolapov Before and After | Косолапов до и после

Alexander Kosolapov has lived in America for two years longer…
20.06.2012/by admin

Alexander Kosolapov and The Void | А. Косолапов и пустота

Time is working to Alexander Kosolapov’s advantage: we’ve…
20.06.2012/by admin

Alexander Kosolapov, catalog 1989—98 New York, Berman Gallery | Александр Косолапов, каталог 1989—98 Нью-Йорк, галерея Бермана

What Warhol was to the 1960s, Alexander Kosolapov, a leading…
20.06.2012/by admin
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